Why an Independent Agent?

October 08, 2020

Many people wonder why they should deal with an independent insurance agency (think Rizzo Insurance Group, Inc.) as opposed to calling an 800 number or purchasing from a direct writer who only represents one company?

Well, this is a very legitimate question and we have provided some reasons why we believe it makes the most sense to deal with locally owned independent agencies, along with a brief 2-minute video to further explain the benefits...

Unlike captive agents, we work for you.

Without being tied to one insurance carrier, independent agents are free to explore far more coverage options from the best companies out there.  

When your goals change, we’ve got answers.

No matter if it’s your business or your boat, your insurance needs are bound to evolve. With an independent agent, you have an expert ready to help adjust your coverages to fit your growing workforce, family, or whatever else you’re protecting.

We’ll do your insurance; you just do you.

You’ve got enough on your plate. An independent agent will help walk you through your coverage options, shop quotes to find you the perfect price, and do all the leg work at no extra cost to you.

We know you because we are you.

Independent agents are as local as they get. They live down the street, cheer for the same sports teams, support local businesses and charitable organizations, and know local insurance needs better than anyone.

As a Trusted Choice Agent, you can be confident that you are dealing with a reputable agent who will be looking out for you, your family, and your business.  We are proud to hold this designation and look forward to answering your questions, and providing you with competitive quotes that will ensure you have the proper coverage at rates you can afford.