Shop Local

We Have Always Made It Our Priority To Support Our Community. 

Supporting our residents and our community will always be important to us.  We live here.  We work here.  Doing our best to support local businesses and non-profit organizations make our neighborhoods stronger.  Let's all work together to support one another!

And speaking of shopping local, restaurants and their employees have never needed us more than they do now.  We have added contact information for local businesses that could use our support.  Let's help them and support their employees across the city.  If you have any businesses that are not listed here that should be, please email their information to so they can be added!  Stay safe and stay healthy!!!!

Luberto's Bakery- 781-289-8100

Volare's Restaurant- 781-629-4762

Companion's Restaurant- 781-284-3900

Nick's Deli- 781-284-8421

Revere House of Pizza- 978-288-1672

Easy Pie- 781-629-4350

DiPalma Restaurant- 781-286-2828

China Roma- 781-289-2670

Papa Jack's- 781-286-4545

Luigi's Pizza- 781-289-2003

New Deal Fruit- 781-284-9825

Manne's Bakery- 781-286-7546

Torretta's Bakery- 781-289-8608

Domino's Pizza- 781-289-1020

Sabella's- 781-286-0820

99 Restaurant- 781-289-9991

Nick's Bistro- 781-284-9400

Pollo Royal- 781-284-6039

Antonia's at the Beach- 781-284-1272

Santorini's- 781-285-7226

Uno Pizzeria & Grill- 781-289-2330

Peter's Super Beef- 781-286-5610

Kelly’s Roast Beef- 781-284-9129

Beachmont Roast Beef- 781-289-7968

Rice Passions- 781-629-4342

Safy Market- 781-284-0761

DeMaino's Restaurant- 781-284-8110